The Rise of DEI Initiatives in Business and Education

What is DEI?

Why is DEI so Important Right Now?

  • Wage inequality between genders
  • Barriers to education by low-income families
  • Systematic racism in housing, benefits, and society
  • Sexual discrimination
  • LGBTQ rights and recognitions
  • Career mobility for women and minorities
  • And plenty more.

How Does DEI Change these Problems?

  • Greater profit achievement with higher retention rates. Companies that utilize DEI initiatives are more likely to achieve financial target goals by 120%
  • Better customer relationships because you have a diversity of gender, race, nationality, creed, sexuality, and anything else that allows you to mirror the real world
  • Higher rates of safety and feelings of respect. DEI initiatives promote the interconnectivity of workers and students so they feel heard and part of the community
  • Excellent flexibility and response to the market due to more significant innovation because of a diverse group of people working together

What is the Future of DEI Initiatives?



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Emmanuel Osemota

Emmanuel Osemota

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